Freaky Oscar & the FarSounds is a Norwegian rock band. Based at the radical culture-house Hausmania in Oslo.

Freaky Oscar & the FarSounds try to follow in the footsteps of the peace-rockers of the 60`s and 70`s.  They play Classic rock and Americana, with a touch of New wave, Country and Psychedelia.

Freaky Oscar released his first album, “Constant liberation”, in April 2017, but he has been making music for 25 years already. Freaky Oscar had no time to be an artist for so many years. He was a full-time activist, working for peace and against the wars of our time. But, he HAD to make music, songs, and write lyrics. Freaky Oscar has a lot of songs. He is working now to finish his trilogy, where “Constant liberation” is the second album, but freaky enough, the first one to be released.

Now the band is working on their next album “KONGSBERG”! So look out for more music from freaky Oscar & the FarSounds!



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