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Freaky Oscar & the FarSounds have a lot of love for the peace rockers of the 60s and 70s, – “Americana”, “Classic Rock” and “No Depression”, but have nevertheless found their own expression, with elements of newer alternative rock and psychedelia!
Freaky Oscar & the FarSounds are pleased to present a taste of the new album “KONGSBERG”. “Crazy Conspiracy Nut” is the first single, and is released the only day this song can be released, September 11th. A song that has the potential to be both loved and hated!?
In December the Peace Rockers in Freaky Oscar & the FarSounds presents the album “KONGSBERG”, named after the marketing name of the war industry in the city of Kongsberg, recorded on a mixer made by KV (Kongsberg Weapons Factory) to NRK (State broadcaster) in 1975, which is now in the studio at … Blitz.(Activist/anarchist/punk scene)
“KONGSBERG” is out on LP, CD and digital from 9 December. The second single, “Make It Better,” is released October 11, and the third single, “End Up Like Ghosts,” is released November 11.
Freaky Oscar & the FarSounds are: Freaky Oscar, vocals and guitar, Kenneth Andersen on the drums, Per Christian Holm, guitar and keys, Øystein Hobber, bass, Marius Lerskallen, keys and Andreas Sagen, sax.
The album is mixed by Bjørn Larsen in Blitz studios. Mastering by Henning Bortne at Oslo Mastering.



Freaky Oscar follows in the footsteps of the peace-rockers of the 60 and  70`s, mixed with a little bit of  Americana, New Wave, Alternative Rock and No Depression. Based at the radical culture-center in Oslo, Hausmania, Freaky Oscar and his band, the FarSounds, live their lives in the rock-scene!

Freaky Oscar & the FarSounds:

kenneth Andersen, drums, Øystein Hobber, bass and vocals, Per Christian Holm, guitars, and Freaky Oscar on guitar and vocals.

Freaky Oscar released his first album, Constant Liberation, on the 21st of April 2017. Freaky Oscar has been making music for 25 years already. Freaky Oscar had no time to be an artist for so many years. He was a full-time activist, working for peace, and against the wars of our time and the arms industry. But,- he HAD to make music, write songs….. Freaky Oscar has a lot of songs. And..now…it was time to play live…so he put together the FarSounds…and now the Freaky train is rollin… !

Freaky Oscar is working to finish his trilogy, where Constant Liberation is the second album, but freaky enough, that one was recorded and released first.

So,- look out for more Freaky Oscar music coming up!! And the next record will be with the FarSounds…not only Freaky Oscar!

Hi there good people! It`s me, Oscar…again…just want to tell you…

Thank you for visiting the Freaky Oscar-page and for listening to the music! Thank you!